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     From Tuesday to Thursday
  unlimited drink & food ,
only for 12 € per person !

Ρεμπεταδικο - Μεζεδοπωλειο - Ταβέρνα με ζωντανη μουσικη και Ελληνικες γευσεις στο μπουρναζι - Περιστερι. Φθηνες τιμες με πλουσια γευματα

Τα μεζεδοπωλεια με ζωντανη μουσικη βρηκαν τον ... τεντζερη και το καπακι του!                      


... in a dreamy place, with a warm atmosphere, musical journeys
and unique flavors. Welcome to our restaurant,
o Tentzeris kai... to Kapaki!
Looking back at the past, nine years ago that the idea came up
to open this restaurant, we discover that we keep undiminished the same passion and desire in offering you the best moments in your entertainment. Looking at it today, we receive all the love and the response that you show in our effort and take the strength we need to carry on in the future, in order to continue to offer you unique moments in every part of your life.
We are waiting for you to just entertain with us, or even organize your events and every other important moments of your life.



Hosting - Προώθηση :